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Finally… a horse racing tipping service for "small bank bettors"!

Bettors with small betting accounts are neglected by most modern horse racing services. Actually, they're downright INSULTED by most of them! Some of the most popular services recommend a 100 point starting bank.

That means at 1 point stakes, you'd need a £1,000 bank just for £10 bets… and a £10,000 bank for £100 stakes!

Here are a few of the culprits…

🤦 The Happy Punter recommends a 100 point starting bank

🤦 Bookies Enemy No 1 recommends a 150 point starting bank

🤦 WannaWin BM recommends a 100 point starting bank

🤦 Landry Horse Racing recommends a 200 point bank

🤦 And a reviewer of Heli's Horses recommends a 1,000 point staring bank!

(There are plenty more of these examples too…)

The truth is, NONE of these tipsters have faith in their own tips!

To survive the long losing streaks these tipsters are anticipating you'd need…

👎 Nerves made of reinforced titanium

👎 A HUGE starting bank to make any decent returns

👎 Tips everyday, or even multiple times everyday

👎 And to really, really, and I mean REALLY trust these tipsters know what they're doing… while they don't even seem to trust themselves!

And, by the way, science says most people aren't wired to sit through long losing streaks

🤓 Studies by psychologist Daniel Kahneman, the guy who wrote the popular book Thinking, Fast and Slow, show that most people are wired for "loss aversion"… in other words, to do just about anything to avoid losing.
🤓 Studies also show that the negative psychological impact of losing is TWICE as impactful as the positive impact of winning… especially after experiencing previous losses!

Be honest, would you keep paying for a tipping service through a 50 bet losing streak… or even 20 losers in a row?

Worse, losing streaks make tipsters EVEN MORE likely to keep on losing

🤓 Psychologists call it the phenomenon of "psychological momentum", while we know it better as being "in the zone" or, on the flip side, "being in a rut".

Here's how the boffins describe it…
"…a positive or negative change in cognition, affect, physiology, and behavior caused by an event or series of events that will result in a commensurate shift in performance and competitive outcome".
In normal human speak, that means that once a sports team, bettor, or tipster has built up some losing "momentum" they're more likely to keep on losing.

So, you could be waiting a long time for a 100-point starting bank tipster to dig themselves out of a losing hole… as you've probably already experienced.

If only there was someone to save us from the "lossdemic" infecting the tipster world…

Perhaps someone confidently recommending a starting bank of, say, 20 points? A fraction of the ridiculous 1,000 point recommendation you saw above.

This would mean…

👍 No long losing streaks

👍 Bigger profits for smaller starting banks

👍 No need to bet on anything and everything

👍 And a nice chilled out betting experience!

Hold on, our tipster Mel Gee just proved he can deliver ALL this and more!

Mel contacted Bet Chat Publisher Josh Allen about the so-called "lossdemic" going on in the horse racing tipster world.

In his straight-talking way he said, "I don't like reading of people losing money". He wanted to do something about this and, true to his character, he wanted to do it in an open and transparent way.

So, Josh put Mel on public "Telegram Tipping Trial" to see if he could really make people good returns with a modest starting bank… and without lots of losers!

So, did Mel survive the public "Tipping Telegram Trial"... or get the executioner's chop?

Over the proofing period, Mel's tips, going out to 310 keen Bet Chat bettors, delivered these results on a 20 point starting bank…

💰 33.9% bank growth

💰 63.6% strike rate

The crowd in the Telegram group loved all the winners…

Like when Mel tipped Mother Earth, Go Bears Go, Earlswood and Hukum in successive tipping days and three of the four won, with the other also producing a return by placing…
And everyone REALLY loved Mel's stellar performance at York where (live from the racecourse with the Bet Chat crew) he tipped Space Blues to win at 11/8 and Mishriff to win at 9/4… and they both came in too…

But hang on, why is Mel so confident in recommending such a small betting bank?

Two reasons…

🥇 Why Mel is magnificent reason #1:

Mel's been in the betting game since he was 15 years old. When it comes to betting, he doesn't talk in terms of months, or years, but DECADES. 

He's also not shy to admit he's lost A LOT of bets, sometimes for years at a time… until he worked out what works and what doesn't. You simply can't replicate hard "in the trenches" graft like that with some fancy computer algorithm.

Today, Mel can read a horse's form like a librarian can read the alphabet!
🥈 Why Mel is magnificent reason #2:

Mel's strategy is both counterintuitive AND obvious at the same time…

You see, it's just about the OPPOSITE of what most punters do, but it makes so much sense when you think about it.

Here it is in a few lines:

While most people spend their time searching for a mispriced opportunity, Mel simply bets that "the best of the best" horses will win.

That sounds obvious, but there's a caveat… the situation has to be "best of the best" too… the racetrack, the weather, the ground, the jockey, the trainer, EVERYTHING has to be perfect…

It's like betting on a Ferrari racing against a bunch of Minis, but not when they're all stuck in a traffic jam!

In Mel's words, he's not trying to "predict" a horse's future potential… he's simply paying attention to the form it's ALREADY displayed, and then patiently waiting for the perfect situation for that form to materialise.

Which is why, when it comes to horse racing, he now exclusively tips Class 1 races.

And the Telegram crowd love this approach…
And we reckon you will too…

Introducing Mel's horse racing tipping service, First Class Racing

After the success of Mel's Telegram proofing, we launched his Bet Chat service, First Class Racing.
Here's your personal invitation from Mel (filmed at York races last year)…
The service is a direct continuation of the tips Mel posted during the "Telegram Tipping Trial".

That means you can expect the same high strike rate, the same rapid bank growth, the same regular winners (with the occasional big odds thrown in for good measure)... all with just a 20 point starting bank.

The service prioritises three things…

👍 All year round tipping

👍 Quality over quantity bets

👍 And honesty and transparency

That last point is a big reason why everyone who comes into contact with Mel loves him…

Like Phil who appreciates Mel's honesty about prices…
Simply put, First Class Racing is perfect for you if you…

👨👩 Are fed up of long losing streaks

👨👩 Have a small, medium or big starting bank

👨👩 Are patient because we won't be betting every day

👨👩 And have a long-term mindset (quality over quantity, remember?)

UPDATE: And the winners have just kept on coming…

Of course, it’s now been a number of months since the “Telegram Tipping Trial” and so you’re probably wondering how the service has performed since…
The answer: just as well ‘live’ as it did during our trial!
With the same small 20 point starting bank, members have now seen…
💰 92.1% bank growth
💰 58.7% strike rate
And the longest losing run in that time? Just three bets!

How much is NOT being a member of First Class Racing costing you?

That's the real question. Because you've already seen how most horse racing tipsters are basically promising to lose you money. And how science suggests most people just can't handle the psychology of long losing streaks… including the tipsters themselves!

So, are you going to keep handing over your hard-earned money to tipsters who aren't confident in their tips? Or join Mel who's put his money where his mouth is and PROVEN he can sustainably tip winners like 8/1, 5/1, 11/2, and 9/1 on a regular basis… with a low starting bank to boot?

Stop the losing streaks and start winning with First Class Racing today

You can join First Class Racing for the low quarterly membership price of £129.97.

This gives you access to…

✔️ Mel's top tips (all year round)

✔️ The First Class Racing private Telegram group chat

✔️ One to one support with Mel and the Bet Chat team via Telegram or email

✔️ And our no messing about 30-day money back guarantee

That's not all…

We'd also like to give dedicated members a £119.91 discount

Because we want to reward members with a long-term mindset, we're offering a hefty discount on annual membership.

So, instead of paying £519.88 for the year (which is what quarterly membership adds up to)... you'll pay just £399.97.

That's a £119.91 discount.

We're also adding even more risk-free time for annual members… so you'll get a 60-day money-back guarantee too.

Of course, you can always snag quarterly membership now and upgrade to annual at a later date.

It's up to you.

Whatever you do, don't settle for those horse racing services that are practically promising you long losing streaks.

Grab a seat alongside Mel and discover what first class betting on first class racing, with a first class bunch of like-minded bettors feels like.

See you on the inside!

Good Deal 


  • All of Mel's strongest racing selections
  • Access to the members only chat group
  • ​Access to the members only website
  • ​‘No questions asked’ 30 day money back guarantee
  • EXTENDED 60 day money back guarantee
  • ​Special £119.91 discount

Best Deal


  • All of Mel's strongest racing selections
  • Access to the members only chat group
  • ​Access to the members only website
  • ​‘No questions asked’ 30 day money back guarantee
  • ​EXTENDED 60 day money back guarantee
  • ​Special £119.91 discount
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