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We have room for 25 NEW pioneers to join...

The first ever Football Index tipping service

The bookies are long past playing fair. Restricting more than 20,000 accounts every six months. Banning people for winning as little as £100. And rigging odds for a 65% profit margin before they even take a bet. That’s why smart bettors are already migrating to Football Index, where you can
  • make as much profit as you blummin' well like (NO restrictions)
  • get fair prices (NO rigged odds)
  • profit ALL year round (even when there are no matches - yes, this is coronavirus proof!)
  • ​build up steady long-term gains over weeks, months and years
  • ​collect daily dividend payouts (FINALLY a real income from betting)

If you don’t make the switch soon you’ll be stuck

  • fighting with the bookies
  • having accounts restricted even if you do find a winning strategy
  • begging friends and family to open accounts for you (don’t be that annoying person)
  • ​scouring hundreds of bookmaker websites or shops to find “fairer” odds (hint: they don’t exist)
  • ​resorting to betting on Betfair where margins are slim and profits even slimmer

And bookies are only getting more aggressive

  • With government regs crippling bookies’ Fixed Odds Betting Terminal profits, they’re desperately trying to make average punters shoulder the cost. As I say, restricting more than 20,000 accounts every six months. Banning people for winning as little as £100. And rigging odds for a 65% profit margin before they even take a bet.
  • Meanwhile, Football Index has seen 500,000+ new users join since launch. Has rave five star reviews on TrustPilot. And returns you profits simply for being part of a growing platform (you could have made SEVEN times your money buying shares at launch and doing nothing at all).

Matched betting, Betfair trading… they’re all dead

If you think matched betting or Betfair trading are the answer, you’re living in the past. The bookies are coming down harder than ever on matched bettors, and do you really want to be that person begging family and friends to open accounts on your behalf?
Betfair isn't much better. The competition is so fierce and margins so small (especially with all the bots) only the very best traders can make a profit. And even then some of them are feeling the pain too, like Caan Berry who says Betfair is “commiting suicide” with its new policies.

Don’t worry, Football Index has the answers

  • @Sporting_Panda who’s made £250,000+ in 16 months:
  • @DaniloFITrader, who’s banked £126,000+ since October 2017:
  • And this chap who’s made a whopping £277,000+:
Then there’s the short term profits, like
  • @Sporting_panda’s £3,400+ 24 hour gain:
  • And @sigaskell’s too:
And, of course, regular dividend payouts from your favourite players, like
  • Daniel who collected £1,000+ worth of dividends from Neymar:
  • Ross Dyer’s £837 worth of dividends from Paulo Dybala:
  • And this £1,300+ dividend payout from Fernandes:

Still missing out? Football Index Intelligence will show you how to join the fun

My name’s Adam Gibbs. And I’m a bit of a self-confessed Football Index nut.
But, rightly so, the platform has given me what over a decade of traditional betting never could: a consistent income from sports betting.

Sure, I’m not in the £100,000+ league like some of the Football Index punters. But since I joined Football Index in 2017, I’ve developed a full-proof strategy that’s proven very profitable. My portfolio of players continues to grow in value year on year.

I also regularly collect dividend payouts from the players in my portfolio totalling hundreds of pounds each month. Here’s a screen grab from January:
And when they added player Rayan Cherki to the platform over Christmas, I made a trade that banked £420+ in just two hours!
But I’m not just in it for me. I believe everybody should give Football Index a go because it’s a real alternative to the bookies’ rigged system. This really is your chance to finally make some money they can’t touch.

That’s why I wrote a comprehensive Football Index guide that’s already helped 500+ people get started on the platform. 

And it’s also why I’ve teamed up with BetChat to launch the world’s first ever Football Index tipping service, Football Index Intelligence

The service provides weekly recommendations on the best players to buy shares in for 
  • steady long-term gains
  • exciting fast moving short-term profits
  • and predictable dividend payouts
Plus, as a member, you’ll also get free access to one of my Football Index guides, updated every year, which means straight away you'll receive my...
  • Football Index Guide And Season Strategy worth £47
Together we’ll build a full-proof portfolio of players that’ll make you a healthy second income the bookies can’t touch!

And, because the Football Index market is active 24/7, we’ll even be banking profits when there are no games on. In season, out of season, coronavirus or just sipping Corona, we’ll still be making money. 

But wait, are you really a good fit for Football Index Intelligence?

Look, I’ll be dead straight with you. Football Index Intelligence isn’t for everyone. And that’s not some marketing speak. The truth is that profiting from Football Index takes a different mentality to traditional sports betting. We’re not staking money to win on single bets. We’re buying shares in players to accumulate profits. Sure, we’ll have quick exciting wins, and regular dividend payouts alongside long-term portfolio growth, but this is not a service for people looking to roll the dice. My guides will help you with the basics, but you will still need to bring an open mind to a new way of betting. Do that, and you’ll get to take part in one of the most exciting betting revolutions to grace the industry.

WARNING: Only 25 pioneer spots available

Because of the nature of this opportunity, we can’t let everyone and their grandma on board.

Some of the players we’ll be buying shares in will have low liquidities, so we simply can’t share the tips with too many people without moving the markets (and this is no pump and dump service!) 

So, we originally limited the service to just 100 pioneer members.

These spots were quickly filled and the doors closed however, today I’m delighted you announce we have room for 25 new members.

These pioneer spots are priced at just £35.96 per month.

And of course come with our 30 day money-back guarantee.

Once those places are filled, the doors will close again and I can’t guarantee when new spots will open up, and at what price.

So, if you’re interested in joining Football Index Intelligence, scroll down and fill in your details below.

We’ll set you up with pioneer membership status and you can download your copy of my beginner’s guide immediately.

See you on the inside!
Adam Gibbs
Football Index Intelligence

P.S. Here’s what our members have had to say about the service so far (these are comments taken from the Football Index Intelligence instant messaging group)...
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ONE TIME OFFER (£9.97): Ahead of Euro 2021 I'll be putting together a comprehensive report, explaining exactly what you need to do to win on Football Index at the postponed European Championships. When released, it will go on sale for £47 but, if you act now, you can claim a copy for just £9.97, a huge 79% discount.

What's Included:
The service provides weekly recommendations on the best players to buy shares in for..
  • ​steady long-term gains
  • exciting fast moving short-term profits
  • ​and predictable dividend payouts
And of course you’ll also get
  • ​30-day money back guarantee
  • email support
  • ​pioneer pricing (could go up for others in future)
  •  Football Index Guide and Season Strategy worth £47

Adam Gibbs

A self-confessed Football Index nut, Adam has been buying shares in the platform since 2017. During that time he’s developed a full-proof strategy for building a portfolio of players that delivers both long term and short term gains, and also regular dividend payouts. He’s been a fan of football all his life, and after being had by the bookies for years on traditional football betting, Football Index finally offered him a fair way to leverage his in-depth knowledge of the game. Now, Adam’s ready to share that passion and insight with Bet Chat readers, so that you too can profit from the phenomenon that is Football Index.

Money-Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, Football Index Intelligence isn’t for you, just let us know within 30 days of purchase and we’ll provide you with a full refund. 

Secure Processing

Each order is processed through a secure, 256-bit encrypted payment processing gateway to ensure your privacy.

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