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URGENT: To pocket the maximum profit from this, you must take advantage BEFORE Saturday 12th September

Nine Years Of Profits, 50/1 Winners, 200+ Value Bets…

Even if you don't give two hoots about football, there is absolutely NO reason you should miss out on the stress-free cash you could pick up thanks to the plain-English report I'd like to send you today...
Seriously, these proven tax-free profits are just sitting there for the taking: look at just three of the winning bets you could have profited from last season, thanks to my expert advice:

  • NO ONE LIKES THEM, THEY DON’T CARE: People and places don’t get much more unfashionable than Sean Dyche and Burnley (with apologies to Sean and the people of Burnley!) but that didn’t matter to me. I backed them to finish in the top 10 and they duly obliged – a firm £50 bet would have banked you a very nice £300. THIS YEAR: I'll tell you which teams have slipped under the radar and how to profit from them.
  • SLY AS A FOX: With question marks over a lot of the Premier League’s traditional big hitters, I looked to take full advantage by backing Leicester to finish in the top four at 25/1 and top six at 5/1. The top four bet was denied on the final day but you wouldn’t have had a moment’s worry with the 5/1 shot and an easy £250 profit was banked. THIS YEAR: You'll discover the team that I expect to cruise into the top spots but are priced as big outsiders.
  • FOR THE DROP: Norwich fans were devastated as they watched their troubled team slip to the foot of the table and get relegated, but the drop was made easier for fans who followed my advice, having tipped them to finish bottom – a cheeky £50 bet would have bagged another £250. THIS YEAR: Relegation bets are a speciality of mine and I have one which is absolutely nailed on for 2020/21.

No matter if you bet with £5, £10 or even £50 a time – I'm convinced you'll come out of the Premier League season with a very decent profit in your pocket!

Dear Reader,

You've got to be quick on this...

I'm sorry to be short, but there's frankly NO faffing around: it's a DO or don't kind of thing.

And the longer you hang around in between... you're LEAVING money on the table.

You see, before the Premier League season kicks off (in a matter of days), the prices for the kind of bets I'm recommending tend to move quickly.

To lock-in the biggest potential profits, it makes sense to get your bets in early.

So, before I explain exactly how good my predictions have been in the past and why I think you simply MUST get your hands on a copy my Prem Bets report for this season...

Let me quickly state a few things in case you've never seen a copy of Prem Bets, or in case you've never really bet on the football before:

IMPORTANT THING NUMBER ONE: This is football betting. I'm not going to hide that fact or try to convince you that it's not. What I WILL SAY is this: even if you don't like football betting or if you don't usually do it that often, YOU SHOULD STILL DO THIS.

Of course, I would say that, but the reason I say it in this case is that you can technically place all the bets today and then just forget about them.

So at least if betting on the football ISN'T your thing, it's one quick bitter pill and then you can sit back and wait for the profits to roll in.

IMPORTANT THING NUMBER TWO: It's a timing thing again, but because this report is so cheap and I have so much proof of why it's just a damn sensible opportunity, I'm not going to write an enormous 20-page letter to convince you to buy this...

The longer we huff and puff over this, the less money you'll be able to make!

That's why I'm going to show you some of the proof, tell you how cheap it is and then – if you're a normal, sensible person – you're going to fill in the form below and get a copy sent to you ASAP.

Sound ok?

IMPORTANT THING NUMBER THREE: I'm not going to guarantee you'll make money, because you shouldn't make guarantees in betting, but I am 99.9% sure this will make you money during the Premier League season, after all, this is the TENTH year of this report and we’ve made money from all the others!

Of course, exactly how much you make will depend on how much you want to bet.

What I want to make TOTALLY AND UTTERLY CLEAR is that you can bet however much you like – with as little as £5 per bet, or with as much as £500.

And considering how stupidly cheap this report is to get hold of today, you really don’t need to stake big to make a significant profit.

We'll get to that in a minute, as I know it's going to be one of the biggest influences on your decision whether or not you should try this and I am fairly confident you'll be MORE than pleasantly surprised.

First, if you'll excuse my need to rush this along, I want to just run through some of the calls I made in the last couple of seasons.

In football, past performance DOES influence future performance

Look, I know in finance they say some boring business-speak that past "performance isn't an indicator of future performance", or something dull like that.

But in football IT DOES.

Past performance is huge.

I mean, even if you think you know absolutely nothing about football, I'm pretty sure that if I told you Newcastle have finished in the bottom half of the league table for the past two years... you would be confident on betting that they WON'T win the league this year.

Not gonna happen, is it?

Of course not!

Even if they spent the most money in the world and bought a 'super team': they STILL won't win the league this year.

Hell, that's what Sheikh Mansour actually did do when he first took over Manchester City and it still took them a few seasons before they won it.

That said, it's pretty easy to predict that a lower league team won't win the title. If I sent you a report full of tips like that, I'd expect you to be waiting outside my office tomorrow with a large custard tart, which you would proceed to hit in my face.

It'd be deserved too.

That's why my Prem Bets report has nothing to do with obvious tips like that. As well as considering the past performance of various teams, players and managers...

I also look for VALUE.

The report you'll receive today (if you're savvy enough to order a copy in one quick moment) is full of GREAT VALUE BETS at decent odds like 10/1, 11/2 and even the odd 50/1 shot.

Of course, to lock-in the best prices, you need to act quickly. As I say, the Premier League kicks-off on Saturday 12th September, so time is of the essence here.

Anyway, as I keep saying, some more proof...

Pounds Sterling... Scouse success and more relegation pay-days– all contributing an extra £386.67 in your pocket (with just £10 bets)

Most people expected Sergio Aguero to finish as Manchester City’s top Premier League scorer again last season...

At odds on, the bookies certainly did.

But with Aguero occasionally a little injury prone and often rotated with fellow striker Gabriel Jesus even when fit, I thought the value was elsewhere.

So instead, I backed Raheem Sterling to be their top league marksman at odds of 3/1.

And, sure enough, that’s exactly what he did, turning a £10 bet into a £30 profit with four goals to spare.

As for Liverpool, well, I’ve had huge success betting on them in recent seasons...

As well as tipping them for the title in 2019/20, I also tipped them to win the Champions League at odds of 14/1 the previous season AND for Sadio Mane to win the Golden Boot at huge odds of 50/1.

Both of those things happened and, while Mane shared the prize with two other players (so we were paid out at 1/3 the odds), that still resulted in a combined £306.67 to £10 stakes.

As one final example, we’ll return to my speciality of predicting relegation woe…

In addition to the winning 4/1 bet on Norwich to finish bottom in 2019/20, I also successfully backed Huddersfield to finish bottom in 2018/19 at 5/1.

All in all, these four bets alone...

With bets of just £10...

Would have banked you a very nice £386.97.

Up those three £10 bets to £50 a time you're £1,934.85 richer.

Can you see why I'm so excited about sending you a copy of my Prem Bets report?

Q. If I said Prem Bets will only cost a very small one-off fee of £29.97, would you secure your copy now?


If that is the case – as I reckon it should be – then don't hang around...

That's the price. No fancy discounts. No on-going commitments. No complications at all…

I said I wanted to be straight up with you, so that's EXACTLY what I'll be...

My Premier Bets report will cost you a one-time only and very minor £29.97.

(Despite the fact that just 3 of the 30-odd tips in it could make you £650 with just £10 bets.)

It's cheap as chips, as they say.

To be honest with you, it's the easiest way I know to bank this kind of money.

Remember: you can place pretty much all of the tips I'll share with you in this report in one single afternoon. It'll take about half an hour and then you're done for the season. Just sit back and watch the money roll in. 


But as I said at the beginning, to lock-in the biggest potential profits, it makes sense to get your bets in early.

And don't forget: the season kicks-off on Saturday 12th September, so...

I don't want to be pushy, but you've got to get moving on this if you want to cash-in on the biggest returns you can.

Consider the fact that this report really is EXTREMELY good value...

Consider that it will take no time at all to read through and act upon...

Consider that it almost assures you of a profit come the end of the coming Premier League season (just as I’ve been doing for the past nine seasons)…

And take action.

Speak again soon,

Josh Allen
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