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"Sorry Josh, but I can't market this"

That's what I said about 10 minutes into my discussion with Bet Chat Publisher, Josh Allen.

He wanted me to write a new marketing campaign for Adam Gibbs' Football Index Intelligence service.

That should be easy, right?

The service is already generating members a healthy profit…

Football Index is a genuinely new and exciting opportunity for punters stuck battling traditional bookies…

And the service has a bunch of raving fans who absolutely love it.

But that was exactly the problem.

Reading through all the happy feedback from members and the Telegram group where everyone is helping each other and praising the service….

I knew it would be impossible for me to come up with an idea to show off the service that could beat simply letting the members tell you what they think.

I told Josh exactly that, and like a-not-so-old sage buddha he looked at me wisely and replied…
 "Why don't you just do that then?"
So… I did.

For the last few weeks I've been conducting written and audio interviews with the members of Football Index Intelligence.

They told me all of their opinions about the service and Football Index - the good, bad, and even the Football-Index-ugly.

It's the most transparent way to see if you'd be a good fit for this new way of betting, and a good fit for the Football Index Intelligence community too.

If you are, you can get 30 days of risk-free membership.

Here it all is in plain black and white…

 Meet the members

"I've tried all the usual systems, tipsters, matched betting, casino offers... some good, but mainly bad"
The Football Index Intelligence crew are a diverse bunch.

But they all have one thing in common:

They're experienced bettors who've been through the mill once or twice and can tell a good thing from a bad one.

For example, electrician David found success in horse betting before the bookies scuppered him…
"(I have been) Mostly targeting horse racing and successfully winning thousands which inevitably has ended up with me being restricted or banned from many bookmakers. So, I needed to look elsewhere for those extra pennies."
Then there's Daniel who also takes his betting seriously…
"I am a retired individual who had a 40-year career in finance. Following retirement I decided to put my betting on a proper footing by logging each individual bet to monitor key trends."
And 51-year-old Andrew who has tried many services, good and bad (but mostly bad)...
"I've tried all the usual systems, tipsters, matched betting, casino offers, etc. (some good, but mainly bad might I add). And now Football Index Intelligence can be added to my portfolio list of profitable services."
In fact he goes on to say this about Football Index Intelligence
"This is my favourite service ever."
We'll get into why in a moment.

You'll also be hearing from Everton football fan, Mike.

And 50-year-old self-employed IT whizz Graham.

Both of whom are converts to the Football Index way.

And then there's Pete B.

I recorded an audio interview with Pete to get his thoughts on Football Index Intelligence and Football Index in general.

Watch out for boxes like the one below to listen to Pete's insights.

 Pete Preaches

"I'm Pete B. I'm a healthcare professional. And I do Uber Eats on the side, which is what funds my Football Index."

Listen now:

You can also listen to Pete's full interview at the end of this page.

First, let's find out why this motley crew loves Football Index so much, then we'll move onto Football Index Intelligence

 Benefits of Football Index

"Accounts don't get restricted"
The BBC reports bookmakers are restricting or banning more than 20,0000 accounts every 6 months.

Maybe you've lost one or two?

If so, you'll know the frustration of finally discovering a winning strategy or service…

Only for a bookmaker to restrict you to 20p bets.

Or, even worse, ban your account outright.

There's none of this on Football Index.

As Andrew says…
"I was also getting really fed up with having my traditional bookie accounts closed. So, knowing that my account with Football Index will not be restricted is very reassuring."
Mike was getting restricted too…
"A couple of years ago a friend introduced me to matched betting and taking advantage of bookie bonuses. Made some consistent money for a while and then had all my accounts restricted."
And then he found Football Index…
"I like that it doesn’t rely on the whims of bookies and accounts don’t get restricted."
Another member loves this too…
"The fact that any gains are tax free is an added bonus, and last but not least your account won't get closed when you're winning unlike a traditional bookie account!"
So, how is this possible?

It's simple…

Football Index don't make money by setting odds like bookmakers.

Instead, they take a 2% cut every time a player is sold on their platform.

This means Football Index doesn't lose money when you win.

So, they have no reason to ban you!

Pretty sweet, right?

 Pete Preaches

"I'm selling my shares to another human being and Football Index are getting 2% of that. It's in their interest for you to make more money because they're making more money."

Listen now:

"It's not an all or nothing bet"
Football Index really is different to traditional betting.

As Graham says…
"The Football Index approach is not an all or nothing bet like a traditional bet on, say, a horse or team to win, where you lose everything if they lose."
Instead you're investing in players who will bring you profits over the long term.

Andrew explains it well when he says…
"With a standard bet it's usually done and dusted in a few minutes or hours. But with Football Index you are placing a bet on the future performance of individual players for long-term profits."
These profits take 2 forms:
  • Players you "buy" can increase in value
  • You can get paid a "dividend" whenever your players perform well
As Andrew says, "Football Index bears no comparison at all with traditional betting."

That means it can be a bit of an adjustment at first.

But once you "get it", there are so many benefits that you probably won't look back.

Graham is already liking this "slow and steady approach"…
"It's not quite as much of an adrenaline rush where you can win multiples of your stake in a short space of time, but I'm getting to like that aspect. It's a slow and steady approach more akin to traditional investing in, say the stock market."
Mike thinks it's "satisfying"…
"It’s a slower pace definitely but still very satisfying."
And Graham likes that it's "safe"…
"Less of a 'thrill' but a safer long term option I feel."
If you can adapt to the "steady but safe" pace of Football Index then you can make money literally without doing anything.

I'm serious...

If you'd simply bought the top 100 players on Football Index in 2018…

You would have made 7 times your money by now.

Take a look…
Now, that's impressive…

And, since Football Index Intelligence launched back in April, Adam's selections have been performing just as strongly…
Oh yeah, and this was during the height of the COVID crisis when football was cancelled for months on end!

Imagine the profits you can make as things slowly get back to normal.

Or join the 30 day trial and find out for yourself.

 Pete Preaches

"When you look at most tipsters you look at the graph and they say 'Oh, it's a quick roller coaster ride'. Football Index isn't a quick roller coaster ride. It's a long windy road that goes on forever, which stops off at multiple theme parks to ride all their roller coasters along the way."

Listen now:

"I enjoy the dividends we get pretty much every day"
As I mentioned, you don't just get money when the players you buy increase in value.

Just by owning players you can receive regular "dividend" payouts too.

There are 3 types of Football Index dividends:
  • "Media buzz" when your players hit the headlines the most
  • "Player performance" when your players perform well
  • "In play" when your players score goals or assists
And, if you own the right players…

You can receive these dividends nearly every day.

That's why Mike loves Adam's selections…
"I enjoy the dividends that we tend to get pretty much every day due to the quality of players we have in the portfolio."
Adam's a bit of a genius when it comes to maximising Football Index dividends.

He regularly banks £250 to £500 per month solely from dividends.

Here's an example from earlier in the year…
He's even written a guide that explains all the ins and outs of Football Index dividends…
Every member of his service gets a free copy.

You don't need it if you're just following his selections, but it's invaluable if you ever want to add a few of your own to the portfolio.

And, by the way, Football Index has a history of increasing dividend payouts as the platform has become more successful.

They already have 500,000 users…

And they've got 1 million in their sights.

As Mike says, this is only good news…
"More money in the Index gives the opportunity for higher dividends and for Adam to make us more money!"
So, make sure you get in before the platform doubles in size!

That way you won't miss out.

 Pete Preaches

"I'm going to keep putting money in because I see it as an investment. I see it as savings. The service is only 6 months old, but you can see the potential. You can see the dividends coming in."

Listen now:

 Negatives of Football Index

"It's not going to make me rich overnight"
If you've bought into the bookmakers’ fast money dream, you might have trouble getting into the Football Index mindset.

It's simply not going to make you a millionaire overnight (but then what kind of betting could?).

Graham has already come to this understanding…
"It's not going to make me rich overnight."
But as we heard from him earlier, he's getting to like the "slow and steady approach" of Football index and likes that it's "more akin to traditional investing in, say, the stock market".

In fact, he's so confident in the platform and Adam's selections, he recently increased his portfolio size from £500 to £2,500.

Andrew has also successfully made this shift in thinking...
 "I receive Adam's selections via his newsletter, log into my Football Index account and just place my buys or sells. Job done. It's as easy as that."
How confident is he in Adam's selections?

Well, he's put nearly £15,000 into them… so that should give you an idea!

Of course, you can start small like most members do when starting out.

And then put in more if you want to further down the line.

Just be aware that however much you put in you're not going to be buying a private jet off Alan Sugar this time next week.

Give it a few years!

 Pete Preaches

"Do you want a quick fix or a quick buzz? Or the long term? And for me, I prefer the long term now."

Listen now:

"Your capital is effectively tied up in the platform"
With traditional betting you usually only have to wait minutes or hours to see if you've made a profit or loss.

But, as we've discussed, most Football Index bets require a more long-term mindset.

As Daniel says, this has upsides and downsides…
"The downside is that your capital is effectively tied up in the platform. The upside clearly is that there is no immediate loss like traditional betting."
He goes on to say he's had "some difficulty selling players" when he needs to.

This is because the way it's set up right now it takes a bit of time to sell a player.

But Football Index are introducing special technology borrowed from the NASDAQ stock exchange that will help to resolve this issue.

As Andrew says…
"Now that full Nasdaq order books are being implemented onto the platform, liquidity with the share prices should not be a problem in the future."
In general Football Index have a good record of fixing issues.

As the members say, this isn't the traditional bookie vs punter relationship.

Football Index wants their users to win because that means more profits for the platform too.

In the words of Charlie Sheen… everyone's "winning"!
"I dislike the number of structural changes we have experienced in a short space of time"
It's important to understand that Football Index is a new platform.

And anything new has teething problems.

It was the same for Betfair and it's the same here.

For example, Mike says he dislikes the amount of changes there have been to the platform…
"I dislike the number of structural changes we have experienced in a short space of time. For example, the matching engine and order books, which caused profits to be volatile."
Graham is also frustrated with so many changes, but he understands this is part of the growth of a new platform.

As he says, he expects things will "settle down"…
"I've come to it during a period of change and development of the Football Index platform, so it's been a constant learning curve. But I'm sure the pace of change will settle down."
Graham's showing that long-term mindset Football Index requires.

If you can develop that, you're in good hands with Adam and Football Index Intelligence.

As David says…
"I'm in it for the long term and believe in Adam and Josh to make us that profit."

 Pete Preaches

"The nice thing is, Football Index reacts to it. They make the changes necessary and things stable out again. It's not the first time. And it's most likely not going to be the last time. But every time so far, they've fixed it."

Listen now:

 Why Football Index Intelligence?

"This is my favourite service ever"
That's what Andrew thinks of Football Index Intelligence!

Here's why the service beats the other services he's tried…
"This is my favourite service ever, hands down. I have been a member of other successful services in the past, but as they became too popular it became a "fastest fingers first" scenario. A bit slow placing the bets with the bookies and the price would crash and all the value would be gone."
As Andrew goes on to say, Football Index Intelligence is a "bet and forget" type of service…
"It is also very much a bet and forget type of service with very little maintenance required and would fit into most peoples hectic lifestyles."
A service that fits into your lifestyle sounds pretty appealing, doesn't it?

But that's only one reason that the members love Football index Intelligence so much.

For example, David loves the community…
"Absolutely a brilliant community to be involved in, great banter and comerardery. Very knowledgeable and have my full trust in Adam and Josh. Always look forward to the newsletter and being involved with the telegram group."
Mike loves receiving the weekly newsletter (which Adam always puts a huge amount of research and work into)...
"I enjoy the service and always look forward to the Tuesday newsletter. The detail Adam goes into is immense. He really knows his stuff!"
And Andrew also loves that this doesn't feel like gambling…
"The Football Index Intelligence service allows the opportunity to actually profit from the platform and I have 100% confidence in Adam that we can all substantially grow our bank with him at the helm. Therefore, I personally don't look at this as gambling, but more of a long term investment."
If you're a football fan, then this service has some added benefits, as Daniel appreciates…
"I also like the fact it is linked to football for which I have a keen interest."
But the service has even converted sceptics, like Graham who isn't into football at all…
"I was sceptical at first, as I didn't know about Football Index and I'm not a football supporter. I have had dealings with Josh previously so decided to give it a go. The welcome guide was very useful and Adam's knowledge is fantastic and over the months has proved spot on."
And he goes on to say that he expects the service will only be more profitable in the future…
"Given that we've not been through a full football season yet, and what we have had has been severely disrupted by the pandemic, I feel it's performing well and have confidence going into our first full season."
So… that's a whole lot of positive feedback!

But it actually pales in comparison to how the members feel about Adam himself.

 Pete Preaches

"Adam's knowledge of who he's picking… some of these players I've never ever heard of. Next thing you know, they're winning match day rankings. And you think wow, where did that come from?"

Listen now:

"What Adam doesn't know about Football Index won't be worth knowing about!"
At first glance, Adam Gibbs looks like an ordinary person like me and you…
But he may as well be wearing a Super Football Index Man costume underneath his clothes 🦸‍♂️, because when it comes to finding profitable players…

He's got super powers!

As Mike says, Adam's Football Index knowledge is "in a different league"...
"I thought I knew a bit about football but Adam is in a different league. Particularly impressed with the knowledge of the European leagues and we now have a solid portfolio of players bought at what are hopefully good prices."
Andrew agrees, and also likes how Adam's a nice bloke…
"Adam is very down to earth, friendly and knowledgeable. What he doesn't know about Football Index and more importantly the football players won't be worth knowing about!"
He also loves the effort Adam puts into the weekly newsletter…
"The weekly newsletters are very professionally written and are always jam packed full of useful information, along with the all important buy and sell recommendations. I for one can't wait to receive mine."
Graham likes that Adam is so knowledgeable about Football Index he "never seems to be stumped by a question"...
"Very knowledgeable on all things football and Football Index it seems. He never seems to be stumped by a question and most importantly can maintain a level head - or so it appears. The weekly newsletter is very good, plenty of guidance and background information on selections."
Thanks to his hard work and dedication to helping everyone, many members have come to personally trust Adam.

Like David, who says…
"Certainly knows his stuff, gets involved with everyone and communicates well with the group and has a laugh with the rest of us. He has earnt my full trust in him."
And all this while raising a new baby!

That's seriously impressive, as Mike says…
"Adam comes across as a genuinely nice bloke. He gets involved in the banter on the Telegram group and has endless patience with answering questions and keeping people calm when things get a bit volatile. He’s just had another child and I’m very impressed that he still finds the time and energy to do his research!"
There's even talk in the Telegram group that Adam is secretly the creator of Football Index, Adam Cole.

But that shall forever remain a mystery…

 Pete Preaches

"I don't know how many hours he puts into research, but it's clearly a lot. The newsletters are packed with information. You're paying for this service and he's earning his money by the research he's doing."

Listen now:

"The Telegram group is a Godsend"
If you've never been part of a close-knit betting community before then you're in for a treat with Football Index Intelligence.

There's a good reason Andrew calls the Telegram group a "godsend"...
 "The Telegram group is a Godsend if I'm honest."
As he says, the group offers a winning combination of support, friendship, and good old banter…
"It's a very useful tool to ask any questions and someone is always on hand to give their advice if that is needed. We are a close knit group I would say now, and it's great to get to know the different personalities within the group. I enjoy the banter too."
In fact, it's such a close-knit group, David considers the other members "good friends"...
"Although I have never met any of them, I feel we are all good friends and have such good friendly banter. One of the best groups I have ever been involved with."
Graham loves that everyone helps each other out…
"The group is very helpful and insightful. A good deal of banter takes place, but more importantly Josh and Adam are never far away to offer help and advice. Members regularly share their deals and views which is a nice added bonus."
And Mike likes how the community treats new members…
"It’s a good bunch of people. The banter is fun and it’s very supportive particularly with new members."
As Andrew points out, Adam and Josh are always there to answer your questions....
"Adam quite often pops into the Telegram group to answer members' questions etc and there is always a bit of banter to be had from him. He loves being called the 'Guru' now I think!"
And Daniel likes how quickly they respond…
  "It is good to have access to Adam and Josh. I am impressed with how quickly they respond to queries."
This amazing community is the reason we decided to simply show you member feedback instead of coming up with some "clever" marketing idea to promote the service.

If you'd like to experience the community first-hand, you can start your 30 day trial now.

Adam, Josh, and the members will be sure to welcome you.
Adam, Josh, and the members will be sure to welcome you.

 Pete Preaches

"It's brilliant in [the group]. If you've got a question, there's going to be someone who attempts to help you out. Or Adam and Josh are really quick at responding with the answer."

Listen now:

"My returns have been very encouraging so far"
We've already seen how Football Index requires a more "slow and steady" mindset compared to traditional betting.

But how much can you expect to make?

Well, Andrew says any good service should make 20%, but he believes Football Index Intelligence can do better than that…
"Anything over 20% ROI would be a great return for any service, but I am confident that it will be considerably more than this as there is so much future potential to offer with the Football Index platform and with Football Index Intelligence."
In fact, he's already happy with his returns and isn't phased by any ups and downs…
"My returns have been very encouraging so far, although it is important to mention that it's not always going to be a perfect upwards growth curve."
David reckons we could see 60% returns.

Mike thinks this is possible, but would be happy with less considering the virus struck this year…
"I think we have discussed an ROI of 60% on the Telegram group. As it stands that feels a bit punchy but I live in hope! I think I would be happy with around 20% in this first year given the structural changes we have seen and also the impact of COVID-19."
Other members are happy with smaller gains.

For example, Graham is just after "a positive return"...
"A positive return over the course of say a year would be good :-)"
And Daniel is happy with 10%...
"Anything over 10% would be acceptable."
Adam's selections are already smashing that target…
Which is really very good when you realise he's outperforming bank account interest rates about ten times over!

Of course, your personal returns will depend on how much money you put in.

Football Index has a minimum deposit of £20, but most members have put in more than that.

The amounts range from £500 to £15,000, with most falling in the £1,000 to £2,500 range.

And you can always just throw in a few quid for fun.

As Mike says, it helps you enjoy football more…
"I see it as a bit of fun that helps keep me interested and enjoying football."
And there's nothing wrong with that!

We could all do with a bit more fun going into 2021.

 Pete Preaches

"I can see we're making money. I can see the potential to make more money. And I can understand the importance of compounding your money."

Listen now:

"I have always been more of an investor than a gambler, so this service is right up my street"
If you're considering taking up the 30 day trial, you need to ask yourself a question…

Are you ready to become more than just a "gambler"?

Because this is the jump you're going to need to make to get the most out of Football Index Intelligence.

Don't worry, this mental jump doesn't require doing any homework or meditating on a rock in the middle of the desert for months.

It just requires a subtle shift in thinking.

Andrew understands…
"I have always been more of an investor than a gambler, so this service is right up my street. I have so much confidence in it going forward that I have included it as part of my overall investment portfolio. It's great to diversify!"
And Daniel also gets this approach…
"I think about this the same way I think about my stock market equity portfolio. It is a long term investment where your capital is invested for the long term."
That's not to say Adam doesn't offer short-term selections too.

He definitely does.

These are clearly marked in the newsletter as separate from the main portfolio selections.

But they should be seen as an added "boost" to profits, rather than the main event.

As Andrew says, this is mostly "a bet and forget type of service with very little maintenance".

If that sounds good to you, then you're probably a good fit for Football Index Intelligence.

 Pete Preaches

"It's a hell of a lot different. Every player is a 3 year bet. Near enough 7 days a week you could have a [traditional] bet. Whereas I'm spending less money on Football Index because I'm not losing."

Listen now:

 Try the service risk-free for 30 days

As the big blue text above says, Football Index Intelligence comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee.

That means you can get:
  • 4 copies of Adam's weekly newsletter
  • Every selection he makes during that time
  • And full access to the community Telegram group
Without risking a penny.

You'll also get a free copy of Adam's Football Index introductory guide AND his additional bank management guide…
As Graham says…
"The welcome guide was very useful."
And you can keep it even if you decide to get a refund.

So, how much does it cost to access all of the above?

Just £36 per month (with a 50% discount in the first month).

To start your 30 day risk-free trial fill out your details below.

You'll receive your free guide and get access to the Telegram group straight away.

 Pete Preaches

"Paying £36 per month for this service is saving me money because otherwise I would be spending £200 per month on name a bookmaker… and not getting anything back."

Listen now:

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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 Pete B's full interview

If you enjoyed the clips from my interview with Pete then you might want to listen to his whole interview.

Pete is very good at expressing his thoughts on Football Index and Adam's service in a way that anyone can relate to.

In fact, near the end of the interview he came out with the best metaphor I've heard for explaining Football Index to new people.

So, keep an ear out for that.

The interview is 33 minutes long.

Listen now:
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