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I've had enough of the greedy…

"Tipster Tax"

...that makes it impossible for £10 punters to make money from tipsters, even when they're profitable!

Hi, my name's Clive Jones.

And I've got a bone to pick with some of the big horse racing tipsters out there.

Now, there's no question if you hit on the right tipster they can make you some good money…

But too many hard working men and women are priced out of tipster services because of their insane membership costs!

I call this the "tipster tax"...

It's when greedy tipsters charge so much for their services that the average punter betting with amounts like £5, £10, or even £20 can't make money, even when the tipster is profitable.

For example, take the tipsters over at ISIRIS…

For their "Mainline" service, which delivers 2 to 4 bets per week, they charge £1,895 per year…
That means, betting with £10 per bet, they'd need to make you 189.5 points to cover the cost of the service…

And at £5 per bet, they'd need to make you 379 points… again, just for you to break even!

How many tipsters have you seen make 300+ points in a year? And consistently year on year? In my experience, despite all the inflated marketing numbers out there, the answer is none.

This is why ISIRIS uses stake levels as high as £75 when talking about their track record, even on each way bets, which is simply out of reach for most people.

And, by the way, let's hope you never have to ring their support phone line, because they'll charge you £1.50 per minute for the "privilege"!
I’m not singling out ISIRIS here… well, maybe a little. But the truth is there are countless other examples out there…

Like Steve Lewis Hamilton, who for 4 bets per week charges £1,075 per year…
With £10 stakes on Steve's service, he needs to bag you 107.5 points per year just for you to break even.

At £5 stakes, he needs to make you 215 points… again, that's just to cover the cost of membership.

No wonder the only stake levels he mentions on his website are £100 for winners and £50 for each way bets.

Then there's Morning Value Service who charge £1,200 per year (on a website that looks like it's straight out of the early 2000s no less)…
At £10 stakes, they'd need to make you 120 points per year to cover the cost of the service… at £5 stakes, that's obviously double at 240 points.

Unique among these high-priced tipsters is Equine Investments who charge you based on performance. So for every £3,000 profit they make you, you pay them £825, which sounds reasonable at first…

Except they explicitly recommend a baseline of £50 to £150 stakes and a betting bank of £10,000…
"Stakes are advised between £50 and £150 (stakes will average around £75) from a £10,000 recommended betting bank." 
- Equine Investor
Otherwise, you just won't be in profit when you take into account the cost of the service.

Again, the kind of people I care about don’t have £10,000 sitting around to spend on the horses.

Here are a few more examples…
  • John's Racing Club is £1,440 per year, so at £10 stakes that's 144 points to cover the cost of membership, and 288 points at £5 stakes (it's also a laying service, so one loss can easily wipe out a winning run).
  • Live Racing Club is £1,188 per year, so at £10 stakes that's 118.8 points to cover the cost of membership, and 237.6 points at £5 stakes.
  • And Horsewin is £1,199 per year, so at £10 stakes that's 119.9 points to cover the cost of membership, and 239.8 at £5 stakes.
To be fair, there are some slightly more reasonable services out there priced in the range of £40 to £50 per month, or £300 to £400 per year…

But even these prices are a stretch for £10 punters to make a profit from, and especially for £5 punters.

That's why I've joined with Bet Chat to take a stand against these overpriced tipsters…

A horse racing service built from the ground up for £10 punters

Since January my business partner Jamie and I have been working with the team at Bet Chat on a new type of horse racing service…

One that puts £10 (and even £5) punters first.

To do this meant building a service that…
  • Is low priced so it doesn't eat into your profits
  • Offers regular daily bets to build a steady profit over time
  • Tips go out at regular times of day normal people can follow
  • ​A mix of short odds and long odds so you're not waiting for a pay day but still get to benefit from big prices
  • ​Records the track record at odds you can actually get on (I'm not a fan of inflated numbers for marketing)
The simple fact is, we both come from working class backgrounds where people work hard for their money.

So, when tipsters casually mention you need a £10,000 betting bank, or worse, they don't talk about how their extortionate pricing affects your profits at all… it really makes my blood boil.

Here we are by the way (smiling at the thought of abolishing the greedy "tipster tax" for good)…
Personally, I've been betting since god was in short trousers, with my first winning bet on Red Alligator in 1968!

Since then I've part-owned an unsuccessful hurdler called Dragoon Guard, which I followed to many race tracks in England and Wales, and devised many betting approaches over the years, some successful, some not so much… until I hit on a breakthrough over the last few years (more on this in a moment).

Jamie is also a life-long sports and betting fanatic… for example, when he was a youngster he washed cars with a bucket and sponge to earn a bit of money that his Dad would put on the horses for him, and then they'd watch the races together.

Today he runs a multi-sports centre that focuses on helping people in his local community deal with mental health issues through sports activities… by my measure he's a caring bloke that cares about helping people in need!

Which brings me back to why creating a tipping service that puts £10 punters first is so important to us…

Like everyone else, we've both subscribed to our fair share of horse racing tipping services… and nearly all of them were guilty of putting the tipster first by taking a huge "tipster tax" that made it difficult for low stake punters to profit.

As far as I’m concerned, a tipping service should be priced to help the average person build up their money using reasonable stakes, not try to gouge you for all you’re worth.

That way you can have a bit of extra money in your back pocket at the end of the month, which you can use to buy the kids some of the toys they've been banging on about, or take your partner out for a good meal.

Or even help you build up to higher stakes like £50 or £100 over time, if that's what you want to do.

Some people might call me a "socialist" for caring about all the working men and women out there… but if you're from a background like we are you'll understand why we try to treat low stakes punters with the respect they deserve.

And, despite what you might think, a low stakes service doesn't mean a small profit, or small winners… far from it…

A steady 10 points per month, with winners as big as 14/1, 11/1, and 20/1

As I say, we've been test-driving a brand new horse race tipping service with a handful of Bet Chat readers since January 1st 2021.

It's called Racecracker.

And, I don't mind saying, it's been very successful.

Here's the rules we played by…
  • Around 4 bets (on average) delivered at 9am every day
  • Mostly 1 point stakes, with the occasional 2 pointer
Here are the results…
  • 40.09 points profit from January 1st 2021 to May 20th 2021
  • 10 points profit per month average
  • 79 winners and 35 profitable placed bets
  • ​Win only up to 11/2, each way from 6/1
  • ​Big prices winners include Missing Matron 20/1 (a two pointer), Dallas Des Picton 66/1 placed, Golden Taipan 16/1, See You At Midnight 14/1, and Quick Draw 11/1
And here are the stats that really matter to us (and likely you)…
  • At £10 bets the total profit was £400, or £100 per month
  • At £5 bets the total profit was £200, or £50 per month
By the way, track record numbers are based on Oddschecker's third best price. That means beta testers were easily able to get on at those prices, and if anything we're underestimating the profit you could have made.

You also won't find any weird anomalies like I found in one of BetFan's track records, where 1,364 points magically appeared out of nowhere…
Even if that's doable with some ridiculous acca, it's not the kind of volatile service I could ever recommend to anyone who wants some consistency in their betting profits.

As I say, we'll be focusing on helping you grow your betting bank steadily (and realistically) over time.
Now, you may be wondering exactly what we're doing to generate such consistent results…

And the answer is a mixture of outsmarting the bookies and good old fashioned elbow grease…

We track 154 micro systems to keep you 154 steps ahead of the bookies!

Once upon a time, when bookmakers first got their hands on high-tech computer algorithms and an internet's worth of data, they had a huge edge over punters who were still trying to find an edge in The Racing post.

Fast forward to today and things have turned full circle…

The amount of information out there is too much even for the bookies to keep track of, leaving many, many, MANY blind spots where we can find mispriced odds to exploit.

Let me give you an example…

This is Michael Dods…
He's a horse trainer based in County Durham.

And over the last six years, his young horses have shown a profit running in 3yo and 3yo+ handicaps at York in the months of June, July, and August.

That knowledge could have made you 89 points over five years.

Now, consider this is just one of the 154 "micro systems" we track on a daily basis and you can start to see how we're able to build up such a steady profit while keeping the bookies guessing.

And we're always researching and testing new systems…

Here's our process for uncovering new potential micro systems in four chestnuts…

🌰 We largely focus on trainer habits and trends

🌰 Jamie comes up with the potential ideas

🌰 I research them to see if there's anything in it

🌰 We then monitor them on a monthly basis to see which ones need swapping in and out of our "profitable list"

To manage all of these micro systems, we use the in-depth data and analytics tools over at HorseRaceBase… and we have multiple accounts like this one full of our systems…
But it's not just the advanced software and hard, daily graft we put in that makes this work…

A big part of running such a large scale operation successfully is making sure we remove as much of our emotions from the process as possible.

That's because, as strange as it may sound, we're not trying to predict winners here…

Instead, we're looking for value in places where bookmakers have overlooked it.

Any profitable bettor (for example, you'll hear Inside Man's Adam Cheng say this) will tell you that hunting out value is the key to beating the bookies over the long term.

And that's exactly what each of our 154 micro systems is designed to do.

Now, as you can imagine, managing so many betting systems on a daily basis takes a lot of man hours… but the truth is we've been doing this for our own betting for years now!

This is a real passion project for me and Jamie, and we're very excited to be able to share the results of our hard graft with new members of Racecracker, especially those of you who could do with the financial boost.

That's why we're also more than happy to keep our own "tipster tax" to the bare minimum…

Yep, Racecracker is HALF the price of other so-called "bargain" tipster services

I don't agree with hiding the real price of a service in tiny, hard to read footnotes, like Elite Betting Syndicate…
And Ron Williams Racing…
This tricks you into thinking their services are just £1… and then you get hit with an unexpected bill at the end of the month.

That's not what I call playing fair!

Instead, let me be very clear about the cost of Racecracker…

We're charging £19.97 per month.

That's nearly half the price of other horse tipping services that are considered a bargain at £40 per month…

And a fraction of the cost of the more expensive ones, like ISIRIS whose membership works out at £158 per month!

Here's what you get with your membership…
  • Daily bets delivered by 9am via a members' only website and Telegram
  • Telegram community group chat
  • ​Email and Telegram support from me and Jamie and the team at Bet Chat
As I say, Racecracker is built from the ground up for £10 (and even £5) punters.

And you can see that when you take away the cost of membership from the track record you're still making a decent profit…

Including the membership cost, at £10 stakes, you would have banked £80 per month…

And at £5 stakes, you would have banked £30 per month… again that's including the cost of membership.

For the people I care about, an extra £80 per month is nothing to sniff at, and an extra £30 can go a long way too.

That money could easily cover some important bills, or pay for a family day out that you otherwise wouldn't get to experience… and, boy, could that be much needed after being locked up due to the pandemic for the last year!

That said, I'd actually like to give you the opportunity to save even more money…

Save £60 with annual membership

As I hope I've shown you already, Racecracker is a service that puts the customer first…

That's why I've also twisted Bet Chat founder Josh's arm to give you an annual membership option that will save you even more money (to be honest, it wasn't hard to persuade him, as he wants to prioritise his customers too).

So, instead of paying the already bargain price of £19.97 per month, which works out at £239.64 per year… you can grab an annual membership for just £179.97.

That's a saving of £60.

Of course, it's up to you which membership you go for, but this lower annual rate means you can boost your profits even more.

To confirm your membership pop your details in below.

You'll start receiving our recommendations at 9am tomorrow and get instant access to the Telegram group where you can chat with me and Jamie and your fellow members.

I look forward to helping you earn some regular money at the bookies expense and without the usual greedy "tipster tax" eating up all your profits… see you on the inside!

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  • Daily horse racing tips
  • Access to the members only website
  • Access to a community Telegram group
  • ​‘No questions asked’ 30 day money back guarantee
  • ​EXTENDED 60 day money back guarantee
  • ​Special £59.91 discount
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