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 Paying 20 Times More Interest Than Your Stingy High Street Bank As The Tech Behind Cryptocurrencies Eats Up The World Of Banking

How much is your high street bank giving you in interest right now?

Maybe they're sticking to the Bank of England's official Bank Rate of 0.1% per year?
Source: Bank of England
Or something closer to Goldman Sachs' "award winning" Marcus account, which pays 0.6% per year?
Source: Marcus by Goldman Sachs
(Yes, they actually won Money Magazine's "Best High-Yield Savings Accounts List" award for this!)

Whatever it is, I bet it pales in comparison to the 12% per year a new and exciting "Blockchain Bank" is paying on your Great British Pounds…
Source: Top "Blockchain Bank"
That's 20 times more than what even the most "generous" traditional banks are willing to give you.

And over the years that difference really adds up…

You Choose: £553 in interest over the next 10 years… or £17,731?

12% per year might not sound like that much more than 0.6% at first.

But compare what that means for your money over the next 10 years…

If you were to leave £10,000 in that so-called "award winning" traditional savings account paying 0.6%... over the next decade you'd collect just £553.

Depending on where you live, that’s not even enough to cover a single month's rent!

Whereas, 12% per year would see your initial £10,000 grow into £27,731… paying you interest of £17,731…
Source: My expert Excel skills
So, nearly tripling your initial savings passively, without you needing to lift a finger.

All in all, that's a difference in interest of £17,178.

And you’re probably going to need some extra money in the weeks, months, and years to come…

Inflation, Negative Interest Rates… Is There Any Good News For British Savers?

Low interest rates aren't the only threat to British savers…

I'm sure you've seen all the headlines about gas and electricity prices ramping up, and maybe already seen the impact on your bills…
Source: Financial Times
Source: BBC
Source: The Guardian
And then there's petrol prices racing to all time highs too…
Source: Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
In fact, with the current official inflation rate at 3.1%, the cost of everything is rising at a pretty alarming rate...
Source: Bank of England
And this is really bad news for your savings, because it actually means the money in your bank account is already losing value!

For example, if we factor in inflation to that so-called "award winning" 0.6% per year rate… it gives us a real interest rate of -2.5% per year.

That means, over 10 years, your savings of £1,000 would be eroded down to the equivalent of £776…
This is why the Taxpayer's Alliance calls inflation "The Ultimate Stealth Tax".

Worse yet, the Bank of England's Chief Economist, Huw Pill, believes inflation could go even higher, reaching 5%...
💬 "I would not be shocked, let’s put it that way, if we see an inflation print close to or above 5% [in the months ahead]."
And, rather than do anything to help savers, the Bank of England has been exploring bringing down interest rates even lower… officially into negative territory!

In October last year, they sent a letter to the CEOs of every major UK bank asking about their "operational readiness for a zero or negative Bank Rate".
Source: Bank of England
Their main concern seemed to be "the safety and soundness of firms"... in other words, avoiding a "run on the banks" where everyone pulls out their money into cash, like we saw in Greece in 2017.
But with the COVID-19 lockdowns forcing millions more people away from holding physical cash and into the digital world… they've pretty much got your money trapped where they want it!

So, I think it's pretty clear why this industry is getting eaten alive by the new kids on the block…

Hungry "Blockchain Bank" Startups Are Already Eating Up The World Of Banking

You might have heard of "the blockchain" before?

No, it's not chunky jewellery you wear around your neck… it's the technology powering all cryptocurrencies.

And while at first the bloated and boring traditional banking system publicly slammed Bitcoin and blockchain technology, they're now starting to recognise how important it's becoming.

For example, the European Investment Bank is now saying…
💬 "The technology is revolutionary… This is a bit like the development of the internet and someone just sent the first email."
Standard Chartered Bank is now saying…
💬 "This is revolutionary technology… What we do with the revolution, the industry is still coming to terms with…"
And, after calling Bitcoin a "fraud" in 2017, J.P. Morgan is now calling blockchain technology…
💬 "...a revolution… [with] far-reaching implications for corporate finance…"
Yep, as Financial News London reports, they're all trying to play catch up, desperately hiring anyone with blockchain know-how…
💬 "...the world's top banks are rapidly hiring to beat the competition in developing blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies."
But, it's too late!

Just like when Uber munched the taxi industry…

And Airbnb took a big bite out of the hospitality industry…

Small, nimble, blockchain technology savvy companies are already eating traditional banks' lunch… plus their breakfast, dinner, and midnight snacks too!

Taking the biggest bites are what I like to call "Blockchain Banks"... new startups using blockchain technology to one-up traditional banks and financial institutions on just about every front.

Compared to slow, expensive, boring, money-pinching, economy-bankrupting, fat-cat, old-school banks, they're…
✅ Faster (instant loans, for example)

✅ Over-collateralised (rather than being highly leveraged like traditional banks)

✅ Cheaper (often very low, or even zero fees)

✅ More technologically secure (they're built on the blockchain)

✅ Potentially more transparent (real-time audits, for example)

✅ New, innovative ways to insure client deposits (not just relying on government bailout money)
And crucially for neglected savers…

✅ ✅ ✅ They pay way more interest (as you've seen, 12% instead of 0.6%)!

That's why so many forward-thinking savers are rushing to put money into "Blockchain Banks"...

"There is no wait time between the first initial investment and the first payout..."

Don't take my word for it, meet some of the savers already earning high interest from "Blockchain Banks"...

For example, there's Brice Berdah, an ordinary chap working as a Community Manager…

Ordinary except he's collecting about £21 per day in interest, which he's using to pay for his lunches… yum!

He says he especially likes this way of saving because the interest is paid daily, rather than yearly…
💬 "There is no wait time between the first initial investment and the first payout."
And if you check out the small communities on social media earning with one "Blockchain Bank" in particular, they're raking in just as much interest as Brice, if not more…

For example, Rude_Strawberry is collecting £45 per week…
Liebeskind8301 is collecting £15 per day, racking up £8,700 so far…
SSquarepantsii also generated as much as £15 per day…
Lazy-Entrepreneur-85 has been making about £110 per month for a while now…
MoonRekt has bagged a hefty £2,500…
And there's these happy savers too…
As I say, all these savers have chosen one "Blockchain Bank" in particular to put their money into, and for good reason…

Meet The "Blockchain Bank" Taking Transparency And Security More Seriously Than Any High Street Bank

There are quite a few "Blockchain Bank" startups springing up…

But there's one in particular that's attracting many British (and international) savers.

And it's not just because of the 12% per year it pays on fiat currencies, like GBP…
Or the 12% it pays on stablecoins (cryptos pegged to the price of fiat currencies)...
Or the 8% it pays on cryptos…
It's also because this "Blockchain Bank" offers levels of transparency and security the other contenders can't (or refuse to!) compete with.

For example, it's one of the few of its kind to have a business model with what's called a "Loan To Value" ratio of 83.33%...

In other words, for every £8 they lend out they'll keep £10 in reserves as collateral, making them "overcollateralised"…
This makes old school UK banks, with their tiny legally-enforced "leverage ratio" of just 3.25%, look about as strong and stable as a moist Hobnob biscuit…

They only have to keep the equivalent of £3.25 on hand for every £96.75 they lend out!

And that's even with new regulations introduced after they were all caught with their pants down during the financial crisis in 2008.

But here's the really cool thing about this "Blockchain Bank"…

They've recently made it so anyone can run instant, real-time audits on their assets and liabilities… yes, even me and you!

Don't worry, you don't need a degree in accounting and an abacus on hand…

You can just visit some very clever online software run by a technology-savvy accounting firm (one of the biggest in America) and the info is right there for anyone to see…
You can even generate an up-to-date report with a breakdown of all the details!

This level of transparency has to become a standard going forward, right?

I mean, maybe we could have avoided the financial crash in 2008 if we knew what traditional banks were actually doing behind closed doors?

And yet, right now, no other "Blockchain Bank" is willing to do this!

That’s why I personally chose to put some of my own money into this “Blockchain Bank”, and would like to help anyone else who’s interested do the same…

8 Simple Steps To Start Earning 12% Per Year With This Top "Blockchain Bank"

Hi, my name's Duncan Moreland.

I'm a writer and researcher for Market Prospectors, and over the last few months I've been researching and testing out this "Blockchain Bank"...
And I've put all my research, plus a step-by-step process to start earning, in a new guide called The New Way To Save: How To Earn 20 Times More Interest On Your Savings.
It shows you, step by step, how to take one (or many!) of your £10 notes, like this one…
And start earning up to 12% per year on it, like this…
All in 8 simple steps anyone can follow (and you can skip straight to "Step 3" if you want to start earning ASAP).

They are…

🦶 Step 1: Check the locks

Here I share my "due diligence" research into the safety and security of this "Blockchain Bank", giving each of 5 checks a rating on a scale on "Unlocked" to "Super Locked" (spoiler: it does pretty well!).

🦶 Step 2: Is it "patriotic" enough?

Don't worry, this isn't a quick quiz on Brexit… in this step we're just making sure we can earn on our Great British Pounds without any exchange rate risk from having to convert to different currencies.

🦶 Step 3: Make an account

Now, we're into the thick of it, where I show you step-by-step how to set up an account with this "Blockchain Bank" in a few minutes.

🦶 Step 4: Complete "Advanced Verification"

Then we upgrade our account so we can earn on fiat currencies, including GBP, which involves presenting some ID, like a passport or driving license.

🦶 Step 5: Deposit £10

It's time to start earning, so here I show you how to easily make your first deposit of £10 (or more if you like!), which immediately starts earning a base interest of 4%.

🦶 Step 6: Boost your interest to 8%

We then follow some simple steps to "lock in" our money for 3 months for an easy way to double our base interest.

🦶 Step 7: Boost your interest to 10%

Sure, you could settle for 8% per year, which is already well above the 0.6% offered by traditional banks… but, as I show you in this step, by holding a little of this platform's native crypto we can boost that rate to 10%.

🦶 Step 8: Boost your interest to 12%

And if you want to go all in and earn your interest in this native crypto, which could potentially be very profitable if it rises in value, I show you how to take this final step to hit that very generous 12% rate.

I've made sure each step is super easy to follow with screenshots and instructions, like this…
So even a smart (interest rate-conscientious) labrador could follow it!

Like this good pup…
You can also follow pretty much the same steps to start earning interest on any cryptos you hold too, like these guys and gals…
Better yet, when you secure your copy of the guide today you'll also get the chance to join us on a new venture…

Your Exclusive Invite To Our Brand New Private IndeMinds Community

We're building something special, and we'd like you to be involved.

You've read this far today, so you're clearly interested in alternative ways to grow your money… and maybe even different ways of approaching life in general?

Ways that could give you more freedom and more control over your money, future, and (especially important) immediate present!

That's the ethos of the new, private community we're building, called IndeMinds… short for "Independent Minds".

Now, we're just starting up this community, but our plans include…
✅ Networking with like-minded people interested in taking control of their finances

✅ Interviews with interesting experts in the fields of making lots of money and achieving financial freedom (if you'll excuse this overused phrase!)

✅ Early-bird access and a 25% discount on all future IndeMinds guides, services and products

✅ Other good stuff we've not thought of yet!
So, when you secure your copy of The New Way To Save: How To Earn 20 Times More Interest On Your Savings today, we'll send you an invite link to the private IndeMinds community on Telegram.
And that's not all…

I'd Like To Send You 💵 $10 Worth Of Free Bitcoin Too

Alright, I'm talking it up a bit…

I don't have some magic Bitcoin printing machine in my basement (although, I could still be the Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto… who knows?).

It's just a simple affiliate offer where we both get $10 worth of free Bitcoin if you use my link when you deposit the GBP equivalent of $100 in your account with this "Blockchain Bank".

Of course, you don't have to use the link I provide.

It's entirely up to you if you do or not, but it's there if you want a little Bitcoin to "boost" your account.

And, by the way, you'll automatically start earning interest on your free Bitcoin too, at a rate of 8% per year…
This freebie also helps offset some of the cost of the guide, which I think is already a bit of a bargain at just £29.97.

Especially when you consider it could be the difference in making £553 in interest over the next 10 years… or £17,731!

You can scroll down and secure your copy now.

But no worries if you're still on the fence, and want some more time to think it over.

I don't want to rush you into a decision.

That said, I will leave you with this question…

"Why Wouldn't You When Your Bank Pays No Interest?"

Those are the words of my good friend Marco, who's been using "Blockchain Banks" to grow his GBP (and crypto) for a few years now.

And he's got a very good point, hasn't he?

I mean when traditional banks are paying a paltry 0.6% and inflation is skyrocketing… you're almost forced to find an alternative!

And, in my opinion, this "Blockchain Bank" is a good one to try out with at least some of your money.

So, if after seeing the evidence I've presented you today, you're inclined to agree, go ahead and fill out your details below to grab your copy now.

As I say, you'll also get an exclusive link to join our new private IndeMinds community…

Plus, in the guide, instructions to grab $10 in free Bitcoin (if you choose to invest the GBP equivalent of $100 in this "Blockchain Bank"), which will offset some of the cost of the guide.

Anyway, it's up to you!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Duncan Moreland
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