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“We are delighted to have found a good football tipster, as they really are few and far between. Adam knows how to find value football bets and along with his sound bank management, he provides an excellent service. It's a 100% pass from us!”
- Laura
(Goal Profits Betting System Reviews)
“Since closing comparison website Tipstars I have continued to monitor some of my favourite services. One of those was The Inside Man which was the number one rated football service under Tipstars. Since switching to the Bet Chat Adam has kept up the good work too!"
- Chris Sowerby
(UK Association of Sports Tipping)
"Whilst there are undoubtedly a lot of charlatans and cowboys on the market, there are also some genuinely quite impressive people tipping today. This brings me to Adam Cheng. A tipster who undoubtedly has some of the strongest credentials in the market."
- Curtis

The Inside Man: Your questions answered

Q: Adam, who are you!

A: I’m a former bookmaker turned full-time professional football bettor. 

My betting story started long before I was even allowed to bet, due to my best friend’s father being a bookmaker! 

I spent many long days watching racing and football in his company, and so a dissertation focusing on the history of sports betting in the UK was a no brainer when I went on to take a Masters in Sports Sociology. 

From there, I joined bespoke Mayfair bookmaker Fitzdares and became head of football trading. This role eventually saw me not only work on the side of the bookmaker, but as a bettor myself, aggressively trading football markets and making the company significant profits each year. 

By now I knew exactly what it took to beat the bookies – after all, by far the best way to spot the weaknesses of a bookie is to have been a bookie! 

After Fitzdares, I spent some time at football statistics website Squawka, but it was only ever going to be a matter of time before I focused full-time on my betting, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the last few years, supporting my young family on nothing more than my betting expertise. 

Without wanting to sound arrogant, this is exactly what sets me apart from the vast majority of other so called tipsters who offer their services. I really do walk the walk – I have no guaranteed salary coming in and my average stake for a single bet is well into four figures. I walk the walk and that’s exactly what you want from somebody whose bets you’re going to be following. 

Sure, not every single one of my bets will win – that’s obviously unrealistic – but, if you have a loser, I’ll have a loser too and clearly, if I wasn’t making a big overall profit, I wouldn’t still be doing this! 

Q: Why ‘the Inside Man’? Isn’t that a bit shady?

A: We’ve gone for the Inside Man as a name because 1) we feel like it’s an accurate representation of Adam – he’s a former bookmaker and if anybody knows the inner weaknesses of bookmakers it’s a former bookmaker! – and 2) we love films here at Bet Chat which means we love Denzil Washington, star of Inside Man (please don’t sue us Denzil).

Q: Who is the Inside Man service for? Does it matter if I don’t like football?

A: It doesn’t matter if you don’t like football, it doesn’t even matter if you hate it with a passion and think that modern day footballers are everything that’s wrong with modern society. The service is quite simply for anybody who likes making a bit of extra cash… that’s you right?

The selections are all explained in detail and we’re always on hand to help you place the bets if you get stuck. Not that you should, as each one only takes a few seconds to put on. You can also do it all online, so there’s no need to go into a dodgy local betting shop.

Q: How many selections will I get and will I have much time to place them?

A: Generally speaking there will be 5-10 selections on a weekend and around 5 midweek. The vast majority of these will be sent at least 8 hours before the matches (and often 12-24 hours before) so that should give you plenty of time to place the bets regardless of your working situation/time zone.

Q: Do I need to open loads of betting accounts to take part?

A: Nope. If you want the very best odds and offers for each pick you might want a few different options (and we’ll let you know what the best ones are) but if you only want to use one account, or even one betting shop, that’s absolutely fine.

Q: What makes Adam so good? Why’s following him going to make me more money than just following Paul Merson’s Soccer Saturday picks?

A: This is explained in more detail in the video above, so have a look at that if you haven’t done so already but essentially, being a successful bettor isn’t just about picking winners (anyone can tip Manchester City to win at home against a bottom of the table side) but rather about finding betting VALUE. This means betting on selections that are available at higher odds than they should be e.g. you think a team has a 2/1 chance but is priced by the bookies at 3/1.

As a former bookie and head of football trading, Adam’s job was literally to price up these markets, and he was damn good at it. So, using that experience, he can see what bets offer value, as well as being likely winners.

Paul Merson, on the other hand, though no doubt a lovely bloke, is not in the slightest bit qualified to tell you anything more than ‘the favourite will probably win this one Jeff’.

Q: So presumably he follows his own bets then?

A: He certainly does! Adam’s average stake is four figures and he has no other job – he does this full time. He supports his wife and young child purely with betting income, so rest assured Adam is 100% committed to making sure that the selections are as good as they possibly can be.

Adam’s been doing this for the last three years and has no intention of ever getting a ‘proper job’ again. Hopefully that’s something you can consider in the future.

Q: Whoooooooaaaa there… a four figure average stake?! I only want to place a tenner on each bet.

A: Don’t worry, that’s just Adam’s stake! His service is deliberately affordable so that you can start with small stakes and still make it well worth signing up. If you just want to put £10, or even £5, on each bet, that’s absolutely fine.

Q: We’re nearly at the end of the football season. What happens in June/July?

A: No problems here as this year is a major championship year with Euro 2020 taking place, so there will be plenty of live selections throughout the early part of the summer and then some ante-post (long term selections) for the coming season in late July. These picks are often especially profitable.

Q: Alright then, one last thing’s playing on my mind. If he’s so good, why does he need to sell his tips?

A: It’s not that Adam needs to sell his tips, not by any stretch, but there are some good reasons why it’s a good idea. Here are three straight from the horse’s mouth…

  • Everybody wins if the tips are shared, and it's always nice to share the good stuff. As many of my tips are on high-level football such as the Premier League, they don't hugely affect the market and both myself and subscribers are able to get their bets on in good numbers. It's frustrating that bookies often restrict big winners, so helping other people defeat them is pleasing.
  • It's an additional way to monetise the expertise. I am already doing the groundwork for my own betting, so why not let other people join in on the bets too? And you’d pay for the expertise of an accountant or a builder I imagine, so why not a professional football bettor?
  • On a personal level, it's also quite handy as far as banks and credit are concerned, to have some taxable income coming in (most of my income is betting winnings, which are tax-free). Banks etc look at professional gamblers with some suspicion, despite the fact that very good levels of betting profit have constantly been achieved for years.
Q: Go on then, where do I sign up?

A: I thought you’d never ask! To guarantee your spot, just click the button below!
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