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 We at Market Prospectors felt this was the perfect time to introduce an initiative called INDEMINDS. The concept is that everyone needs to be thinking about independence and independence relies on having different and multiple sources of income.
Multiple sources of income is the future-proof strategy for pretty much everyone.

So in beta-launching IndeMinds we felt that a great way was to “open up the kimono” as they say and introduce you to concepts, strategies, and tools we incorporate today here at Market Prospectors.
As some of our team members have already been through this challenge called “One Funnel Away” and we believe it to be the best bang for your buck opportunity to acquire skills and launch a business - Skills and knowledge you can leverage and put to work now.
In fact, it is that good we have just secured our places AGAIN for the upcoming challenge beginning 
 Monday 26th July 2021

Fair warning, when you click on the link below you’ll be transported into American Salesville.
Nothing particularly wrong with that, but those of us living or from the UK are wired slightly differently.
If you are curious and ready to expand your knowledge and grow your confidence, this challenge is a brilliant way to begin.
Before you do, we wanted to explain why you should approach it through us... 
When you act now, you will get: 

* Access to the OFA Challenge by ClickFunnels

* Exclusive access to our Second Income support group to ensure it's relevant to the UK and to keep you accountable

* Immersive, hands-on experience that will teach you a lot about business and marketing

* Strategies and tactics that may well fund your next holiday without using your salary

* How to generate new revenue and income sources

* Support AFTER the 30-day challenge ends through our IndeMinds Community

Begins on Monday 26 July 2021 and Registration Closes 26th July At 0300 GMT

If you’re already a small business owner with a product or service - you’ll be learning how to take that from where it is now to an entirely new level in terms of sales, repeat business, and thinking in terms of total customer value.
If you have a side business you already do in your spare time, the next 30 days could move it forward to become your plan A...
If you don’t currently have a product or business, then that’s perfectly ok too. The process will get you thinking more about what you can offer and trade in the marketplace... 
We’ll be there with you!
We’ll support you every step of the way by following the course, completing the challenges, and giving you a forum to talk about what the hell’s going on with similar people - in our new IndeMinds Telegram group. 
There may be aspects of the challenge and training which are only relevant for Americans, such as how to set up your company which will sit behind this new venture - but don’t worry, we’ve got your back and can UK-ify anything like this which might come up. We’re already small business owners ourselves, so all your questions can be raised and answered in the IndeMinds Telegram group.
Learning new business and marketing skills is a killer use of your time right now, regardless of your current job or life situation.
Absolutely nowhere else will you get the level of education you’ll get from the One Funnel Away Challenge, and especially when the price point is just $100 (about £74 at today’s rates). If you apply what you’re learning, you’ll transform your ability to earn new income.
But first, a warning.
Even $100 is wasted money if you’re not serious about this.
Full disclosure, we’re funding this on our side through the affiliate income we generate when people click on our link at the bottom of this page, if you go away to think about it and go straight to the One Funnel Away site by other means, we can’t add you to the Telegram group and you can’t redeem our refund guarantee. 

By signing up through us, if you don’t experience any value, we'll refund any commission we received from ClickFunnels. It's that simple.
If you’re the type of person who signs up for every new course going but doesn’t then give it the time and effort it deserves, then this definitely isn’t the programme for you.
As we've said, three of the Market Prospectors team are going to be doing this challenge alongside you, myself included, and we’re expecting to work alongside motivated, curious, problem solvers and doers.
If that’s you, and especially if you’ve heard of Russell Brunson or ClickFunnels before, follow the link below and take the red pill - but be quick, the genuine deadline is this Sunday evening.

To Your Success,

Steve Wallis
Market Prospectors

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